About Women Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

Dr. T Vasantha Lakshmi Ravikumar,i is the Founder & Chairman of WEA INDIA, an undertaking of VLCT & RC a not for profit trust working for the underprivileged sections of the society. She is a successful entrepreneur and leading the Rich Group of Hospitals as the Managing Director. Being an advocate she is a pioneer in protecting the rights of the women & children. It is under her guidance the second edition of Women Entrepreneurship Summit is being organized to foster economic independence of Indian women.

Women Entrepreneurs Association of India “ WEA India “ in association with the Ministry of MSME presents second edition of women entrepreneurship summit- WES2K18. The summit celebrates the doers and the doing; a source of inspiration and support that connects and empowers women around the world, helping them to realize their potential and reach new heights.

Featuring Keynote conversations, panel discussions, fireside chats, workshops, exhibition and award ceremony the WES 2K18 brings together the voices and insights of a diverse range of female luminaries from the worlds of business. Wide-ranging programming was designed to inspire action and fuel creative fires spanning five core pillars: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Branding, Marketing and Networking.


25 August 2018


the Ashoka , New Delhi


Registration starts at 8:00

Who Should Attend

While the Summit is open to any woman or gender, we’re especially interested in convening female founders, CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs. This gathering might be the place for you if:

You’re seeking to build a community of peers who can help you take your business or role to the next level

You go to work to make a difference, not just to earn a paycheck

You believe that, in the right hands and with the right intentions, business can be a powerful force for good in the world

You reflect often on how to be a more effective, authentic, and empowering leader

You enjoy nerding out about the nitty-gritty of running a successful and sustainable business

You care about equality, justice, freedom, and wellbeing for all communities and ecosystems

You’re often forging your own path through what sometimes feels like an uncharted territory

You believe in the power of human-centered workplaces to create both stronger businesses and healthier communities

You’re not afraid to look in the mirror and do the hard internal work needed to be the change you want to see in the world

You’re open to connecting with and learning from a community of liked-minded achievers

" Be among the doers and the dreamers who turn ambition into reality, know their purpose, reimagine their communities, and rise to their highest potential while lifting others along the way. Join us and together let’s own the future. "


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Why Attend


Prepare to be inspired by an unprecedented lineup of enterpreneurs, on and off the stage.They'll share their stories-and lessons learned along the way-about defying the odds and reinventing business their own way.


Surround yourself with savvy female business leaders with diverse backgrounds, passions, and pursuits for a day of dynamic exchanges and innovative business ideas.They 'll have you energized and empowered to build a thriving business and life.


Have your most-pressing business challenges, concerns, and questions addressed in this open forum.You will receive practical advice, feasible solutions, and innovative ideas on how to fund,launch and grow business from veteran enterpreneurs.

What Benefits

Surround yourself with and meet like-minded individuals.

Participate in a mixed-agenda format conducive for connecting, creating, learning and sharing.

Listen to veteran entrepreneurs share their successes and struggles.

Have your most-pressing business challenges, concerns, and questions discussed in an open forum.

Receive practical advice, feasible solutions, and innovative ideas to work into your business strategy.

Hear from seasoned business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts during informative panel discussions.

Discover what it really takes to build a thriving, profitable business.

Identify growth strategies, business opportunities, and resources for your entrepreneurial venture.

Uncover steps to expand your company in the midst of economic challenges

Obtain valuable resources and services from handpicked exhibitors and business organizations.

Continue conversing and connecting with your peers.


K Kavitha,

Member of Parliament - Govt. of India

Kalpakam Yechury,

Board of Directors - India Water Partnership

Asha Prakasha,

Founder - Abhayhastha foundation

Smriti Nagpal,

CEO and Founder - Atulyakala
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We hope you will JOIN US and some 300 leading women for this exciting, thought-provoking , can’t-miss event of the year.

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